Eco-friendly cleaning Supplies









It has been proven that cleaning chemicals in NZ can cause some pretty nasty effects on both our health and the environment. Health complications such as skin and breathing problems, headaches, nausea, and even long-term conditions like cancer can be caused by these chemicals. Plus, they’re not great for water and air quality either. So, that’s why eco-friendly cleaning products are a way better choice for you and the planet. Here are some reasons why:

A Healthier Home and Family

There are loads of reasons to pick eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in NZ if you want a healthier home and family. First off, they’re way kinder on your skin and lungs, so you won’t have to worry about irritation or other issues. Plus, lots of them don’t have any nasty stuff like chlorine and ammonia that can cause long-term health problems. By using these products, you can feel good knowing you’re making your home safer and helping the planet too.

Fewer Risks

Going for eco-friendly cleaning products doesn’t just help the environment; it also means less risk of skin problems and burns. Regular cleaning chemicals in NZ can be pretty harsh on your skin, sometimes causing irritation or even chemical burns in serious cases. But eco-friendly cleaners have gentler ingredients that are way less likely to cause any harm. Therefore, by switching over to these safer options, you’ll be protecting your skin from any nasty burns or reactions.

Saving Money

Worried about eco-friendly cleaners being more expensive? Don’t be! In the long run, they can actually save you money. This is because normal cleaning chemicals in NZ are super harsh and need heaps of product to get the job done, which means more frequent replacements. But eco-friendly cleaners are usually more concentrated and effective, so you’ll end up using less product overall. Most Auckland commercial cleaners also use Eco-Friendly cleaning chemicals from NZ cleaning supplies. 

A Lovely Natural Smell

On top of all those health and cost benefits, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in NZ also give off a beautiful natural smell that’ll make your home even more inviting. Many regular cleaning chemicals in NZ have an overpowering chemical stink that can be pretty nasty and even cause breathing problems in some cases. But eco-friendly cleaners have a more natural, subtle scent thanks to substances like essential oils and plant-based ingredients. So not only will your home be cleaner and healthier, it’ll smell amazing too.

No Harm to the Environment

Considering the environment, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in NZ are perfect because they don’t cause the same damage to the environment as traditional cleaning chemicals in NZ do. Many old-school cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that mess with water and air quality, leading to pollution and causing damage to ecosystems. By choosing an eco-friendly option instead, you’ll be cutting down your carbon footprint and overall helping the planet. Plus, lots of these cleaners come in biodegradable packaging, so you won’t be creating heaps of landfill waste.


So are you ready to switch over to eco-friendly cleaning chemicals? You can find heaps of options at NZ cleaning supplies. We’ve got everything from all-purpose cleaners to laundry detergents, and they’re just as effective as normal cleaners without any harmful side effects. By using these products, you’ll have a healthier home for your family and be doing your bit for the environment too.