Sustainability Unlimited!!


To foster sustainability practices by supplying environmentally sustainable products, equipment and services that is third party accredited to our commercial and institutional customers for the health of generations now and in the future.

Every year, NZ cleaning Supplies Limited helps to increase electricity savings and maximize the use of recycled plastics.

NZCS has always been committed to the eco-sustainability of its production and the safeguard of natural resources, always following many eco-sustainability criteria: using environmental company
and product labels recognized at global level; promoting material recycling; designing systems that minimize environmental impact; favoring clean energy sources; and much more!


We realize the benefit of green cleaning and only partner with companies that offer environmentally accredited products, equipment and services. Cleaning to protect the health of the building occupants while reducing or eliminating the environmental impact, is the core objective of NZ cleaning Supplies Limited.


Commercial cleaning professionals need guidance, education and training to help them achieve their sustainability goals and look to work with sustainable business partners. NZ Cleaning Supplies
Limited, are sole distributors of many world leading manufactures in eco innovation, including Multiclan , TTS and Ghibli & Wirbel, Dulevo, RHG Tucker Pole Systems. We are committed to providing the resources that result in more efficient, effective and sustainable cleaning for our customers.

Company Certification
Our ISO Certification Logo ( Sustainability)

We Supply the products with the following certifications

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