vaccum cleaner
Cleaning is essential when it comes to maintaining any commercial or industrial space. With Auckland’s bustling business scene, it’s no wonder that companies are constantly on the hunt for trustworthy cleaning services and carpet cleaning machines in NZ. Commercial and industrial vacuuming is a key part of a comprehensive cleaning routine. It doesn’t just remove dirt and debris on the surface but also tackles deep-down dust and pollutants. Below, we’ll take a look at some features to keep an eye out for when selecting commercial & industrial vacuum cleaners in Auckland.

A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner That Fits Your Requirements

First and foremost, when choosing a commercial vacuum cleaner, you have to determine what your specific needs are. Different businesses have different cleaning requirements, but luckily, there are a wide variety of options for every need. Say you need a vacuum cleaner for carpeted areas – you might want something with strong suction and a spinning brush. Or if you need a wet and dry vacuum in NZ to handle spills and messes, go for one that’s sturdy and easy to clean.

Get That CRI Certification

When you’re investing in commercial vacuum cleaners in Auckland, it’s super important to make sure it has the right certifications – like CRI certification. With this certification, you can be confident that your vacuum cleaner meets industry standards for performance, emissions, and dust containment. This isn’t just good news for the environment (since it decreases the release of harmful particles), but it also guarantees that your workplace is safe and healthy for both employees and customers. Further, many insurance policies require that cleaning equipment meet certain standards, so a CRI certification can help with that as well.

Choose the Right Filter Type

Picking the right type of filter for your commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner is essential. There are loads of filter choices out there, and which one you go for depends on the type of cleaning tasks you have to tackle. If you’re dealing with hazardous materials, a HEPA filter is an absolute must – it traps tiny particles that can be harmful to your health. If, on the other hand, you need a filter that’s low maintenance, think about trying a washable foam filter.


Don’t Forget the Noise Level

When it comes to commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, noise levels are definitely something to think about. In situations where noise could interrupt daily activities or bother customers, it’s important to find a machine that runs quietly. There are many manufacturers who offer machines with lower decibel levels but still deliver potent suction and effective cleaning. By opting for a vacuum cleaner with reduced noise levels, you’ll make your workplace more comfortable and possibly even boost productivity and create a positive impression on clients.

Height Adjustment Matters

One more thing to consider when investing in a commercial or industrial vacuum cleaner is height adjustments. Different cleaning jobs might call for vacuuming at different nozzle heights. For example, carpets require a lower vacuum, and hard floors require a higher vacuum. Height-adjustable vacuum cleaners let you switch the height setting to match the job at hand, making sure your cleaning is as efficient as possible. Plus, they can help lessen the strain on the user, which means it’s safer and easy to use the vacuum for longer periods of time.