Donated drink bottles for the students who participated in the school cross country at POROUTAWHAO SCHOOL

By choosing Pod™ Petite, you’ll enjoy reduced servicing time and labour while caring for the environment.

Magic Line 120 cleaning trolley is the first product to have obtained the mark Carbon Footprint Italy;
the Italian Programme Operator informing about the results of the quantification
of greenhouse gas emissions and their reductions.Environmental responsibility has always influenced TTS’s choices, also
with regard to rawmaterials: the result is a wide range of products with
componentsmade of recycled plastic, certified Second Life Plastic
(PSV) by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics (IPPR).
Unlike simple self-declarations, PSV certification is a structured system
that guarantees the quality and traceability of recycled plastics. In
addition, it involves periodic surveillance by the Certification Authority
to ensure compliance over time with the requirements for the
maintenance of the mark.